Our Honest Review of Writer.com

Last updated:
May 14, 2023
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Fast Facts

Key features:
  • Proprietary model focused on business writing; can fine-tune your own private model
  • Integrations with Figma, Contentful, Google Docs, Word
  • SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA
Our take:
A content writer built for enterprises.
  • Great for at-scale use with large teams
  • Adheres to your brand voice
  • Integrate directly into workflows with Writer API
  • Takes longer to set up customization 
  • Too heavy for solo users and small businesses

Team (1-5 people): $18/user per month

Our Review

In a crowded field of AI content generators and writing assistants, few companies are taking the approach that Writer is. If your workplace is banning ChatGPT or other tools for data privacy or risk reasons, then point them to Writer.

Enterprise-grade out of the gate

Writer is really good at serving big companies (the ones that have dedicated IT and Security teams that tell you you can't do stuff) and regulated industries like financial services and healthcare.

Why? While ChatGPT:

  • is trained on all types of stuff you can find on the Internet
  • uses your data to make itself better (assuming you don't opt out)
  • doesn't let you customize the model

...often times these pieces are exactly what enterprises are looking for. And this is what Writer offers:

  • They built Palmyra, their own language model that's trained specifically for business/marketing writing
  • They allow you to fine-tune the model with your own data (e.g., your company's entire database of marketing content)

Writer's main pitch: brand consistency

The problem with unleashing ChatGPT all across a 5,000-person company is that everyone's going to use it differently. It's hard to stay on-message with your customers if you do that.

Writer wants to make it easy to scale. Every output is run through tools like:

  • Snippets: once you've dialed in language you like, use it over and over again
  • Styleguide: establish a styleguide (e.g., with The Neuron, we try to be conversational but professional) and enforce it across all content
  • Terms: choose the words you want to use and suggest replacements for the ones you don't

Add on the ability to essentially have your own custom model, and you can see why executives are loving the idea of using Writer instead of buying everyone ChatGPT licenses.

What about smaller companies?

We think Writer's doing great at focusing on enterprises.

If you're a smaller operation (e.g., 1-5 person agency), it might be tempting to look at their per-seat cost ($18/user/month) and wonder if the lower price point would make it worth trying. They offer a 14-day free trial, so if you're curious, go ahead and try.

But mostly, we think it's better to look at other options. You just don't need all that stuff that enterprises do.

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