Our Honest Review of Jasper

Last updated:
May 14, 2023
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Fast Facts

Key features:
  • Writes copy for social media, ads, articles, blog posts, etc. in 26 languages
  • Chatbot you can use to prompt for ideas and refine content
  • Chrome extension you can use to write elsewhere on the web
Our take:
The best content tool for most businesses.
  • Templates / workflows helpful for anyone getting started
  • Handles multiples types of content well
  • 75K+ member FB group community
  • Repeats itself sometimes
  • Experienced ChatGPT users can get similar output for cheaper
  • Can be difficult to get it to write well about complex/nuanced topics

7-day free trial; $49-125/month

Our Review

There are (perhaps literally) billions of AI tools that claim to help you write better content, faster. They're pretty much all the same, and they're all decidedly average at best.

We think Jasper, who has been in the game longer than the rest, should be the one to cut through the noise. It covers a lot of types of content, it's easy to use and has some tricks up its sleeve that we really like. It's a very good "square one" tool if you need a recommendation.

It covers all types of content

There's a lot of writing in the world. Yes, blog posts and press releases, but also:

  • Real estate listings
  • Product descriptions
  • Email subject lines
  • Google and Facebook ads

Being good at all of them is nearly impossible. But Jasper can probably help you with it.

Just a quick glance at Jasper's templates ought to give you an idea of everything it can cover.

The magic: templates and workflows

Theoretically, you could write all this type of content in ChatGPT, too. But each one of these is nuanced, which makes writing the correct ChatGPT prompt time-intensive in itself.

For example, while your blog posts might need to take an informative tone, structured with clear logic and rely on certain facts, writing a Facebook ad is pretty much the exact opposite of that.

To solve this problem, Jasper's templates turn prompts into ad-lib style forms you fill out. They've done the work of figuring out what dimensions you need to include - you just need to fill in the details.

Jasper workflows are similar. Some types of writing need not just a good ChatGPT prompt - they need the right series of prompts. Which is even harder than getting one prompt down.

For example, you get the best blog posts not by prompting "Write a blog post about [topic]" and hoping it spits out a perfect first draft. You need to feed in the right facts, then build an outline, then build the content one paragraph at a time.

Workflows take you through that process one step at a time. Each step has a different set of details to include. Let Jasper take you through.

Jasper: is it worth it?

If you have the budget, yes.

If you're a company with regular marketing work, and you're looking to give your marketing team a boost, we think the $50-60/user/month is more than worth it. We've seen some cases of teams getting pretty extreme leverage by getting comfortable using Jasper.

Frankly, if you're writing any amount of marketing content on a recurring basis, keeping a Jasper license around is probably worthwhile. It deserves a spot.

But, if you're running tight on budget or you're not producing a lot of marketing content, that's a situation where we wouldn't put Jasper above the line. Better to use ChatGPT.

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