Our Honest Review of Byword

Last updated:
May 25, 2023
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Fast Facts

Key features:
  • Generate an SEO-optimized article with images and headings
  • Batch generate from a list of keywords
  • Generate lists of titles using keyword structures
Our take:
Purpose-built for SEO at scale.
  • Remarkably fast at generating content
  • Quality is human-readable; as good as you can get from freelance SEO writers online
  • Purpose-built for at-scale use
  • Needs careful execution of the strategy

Starts at $5/credit or $99/month (25 credits)

Our Review

SEO is in a weird spot. For consumers, Google is already filled with endless, repetitive content that is clearly overly optimized for the algorithm. It's like everyone was writing to fill word count because, oops, they are.

But for the businesses publishing that content, there's clear incentive: it works. SEO delivers insane amounts of traffic. Always has, always will.

Now, we're in a phase that everyone saw coming: endless, human-grade, SEO-optimized content for as many keywords as you can imagine. And guess what, it works.

Byword is a company specifically focusing on using AI to help you dominate keywords at scale.

The approach: programmatic SEO

The idea is to look for batches of keywords that follow a certain structure. Maybe you notice that your customers are all searching variations of "what does [x] mean" or "difference between [x] and [y]".

Then you list out literally every variation of those keywords that you can think of - this could be thousands - and create a page with content targeting those variations.

If you're asking yourself how you could possibly create all the content needed to fill all of those thousands of pages, that's exactly where Byword plays. They have an unlimited plan ($2,499/month) that they pitch exactly for that use case.

Will Google ban me for using AI?

So far, the indications are that Google would be more likely to ban you for adding too many pages at once vs. using AI to generate your content. Google has basically said that they're fine with you using AI to generate content, as long as its helpful content.

Of course, caveats abound: we never know what Google will do in the future, you are always subject to their whims, etc.

We're recommending Byword because they're targeted at this very specific strategy. If there's room for it for you and you can pull it off, then there's lots of traffic ahead.

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