Our Honest Review of Notion AI

Last updated:
May 14, 2023
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Fast Facts

Notion AI
Key features:
  • AI writer sits right where you already take notes and draft writing in Notion
  • Similar features as others: brainstorm/summarize/draft content, change tone/length, etc.
Our take:
The power of ChatGPT without leaving Notion.
  • Easy to start using if you already use Notion a lot
  • Half price compared to ChatGPT Plus
  • Offers pre-written options to revise text output.
  • Not worth switching to Notion over this
  • No integrations with other systems
  • May not be different enough from ChatGPT for some users

$10 per member/month (on top of existing Notion prices)

Our Review

If you're one of the 20 million Notion users, you're in luck. Notion has been moving fast to incorporate AI features all over its product. And with Notion AI, it's putting AI-powered writing work right into your pages.

AI in your favorite workspace

But there are two important things to consider: 1) Notion AI is mostly helpful if you're already using Notion and 2) if you're using Notion for specifically writing work.

If you're not using Notion, its AI features aren't worth switching for, in our opinion. And if you're taking your meeting notes, drafting your marketing copy, etc. outside of Notion, then you should be using another tool.

Notion AI features

Notion AI is simple to use. Anywhere on a page, you can press "Space", and you'll get a menu of its options:

Write with AI

  • Continue writing

Generate from page

  • Summarize
  • Find action items
  • Translate
  • Explain this

Edit or review page

  • Improving writing
  • Fix spelling & grammar
  • Make shorter
  • Make longer
  • Change tone
  • Simplify language

Draft with AI

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Blog post
  • Outline
  • Social media post
  • Press release

There's also AI blocks, which is a pre-configured button for AI help. The current options are summarize. action items and custom. You can put these blocks on meeting note templates. Once you finish notes, you can hit quickly hit the buttons to generate the summary and list of action items. This is also what you would use if you had a custom prompt that you wanted to reuse over and over.

Notion AI vs. ChatGPT

So far, this seems a bit like ChatGPT, isn't it? What's the difference?

Notion AI is all about producing some piece of writing or output. If you're writing emails, blog posts, internal docs - this is great for that.

But one of the big use cases for AI is asking it to roleplay as a certain persona and give you feedback, prompt you for more discussion and overall act as your sounding board. For those use cases, we like ChatGPT more.

Is Notion AI worth it?

Notion AI is $8-10/user/month for unlimited use. Every workspace gets 20 free AI responses.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT is default free with $20/user/month for faster use.

You should consider paying for Notion AI if:

  • You already use Notion a lot - like, your life revolves around Notion
  • You know your team would use the AI all the time - Notion charges for every member

Consider relying more on ChatGPT in other cases.

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