Our Honest Review of Mem

Last updated:
May 14, 2023
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Fast Facts

Key features:
  • Note-taking app built for all types of work: notes, brainstorms, planning and more
  • Must-have workspace and team features - e.g., topic and collaborator tagging
  • AI powers remix content from all over your workspace
Our take:
Your "second brain" app. But you need to commit.
  • Key integrations to pull in meetings, emails and more
  • Seamlessly pulls up content for you without searching
  • "Command center" feeling once you are ramped up
  • Can be a steep learning curve for some
  • Requires an "all-in" commitment to really feel the power of AI features

Free plan; $8-15/month

Our Review

Note-taking apps are kinda like to-do list apps: both are extremely universal concepts, meaning billions of people have billions of opinions on how they should be done. There's always a rotating cast of them en vogue, including a return to paper and pen.

Mem is not your casual note-taking app. It wants to be your "second brain" app. Here's what we mean.

Go all-in to feel the magic

Mem X is Mem's AI features:

  • Automatically tag your notes
  • Search using natural language
  • Write new text that pulls in knowledge from other notes

It's note-taking / writing, but building on all the notes that you have in Mem. That's pretty different from the ChatGPT experience.

But in order for you to fully rely on Mem, you really have to invest in building your habits around Mem. You need to put everything (and we mean everything) in in order to get the most out.

There's an entire set of literature about how to do this - Tiago Forte is a good start. We personally could never get there given how big of a switch it is. But we did find Mem X helpful and wished this experience could extend across email, Google Docs and more.

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