ChatGPT vs. Bing Chat: The Better Tool For Research

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June 28, 2023
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Here at The Neuron, we've unlocked a potion that puts an end to those relentless, spirit-draining research marathons. We've saved hours—even days.

However, we've also devoted days to seeking out the most effective AI tools... for research. ChatGPT and Bing Chat are the two most comprehensive wizards we use regularly. 

Each has its strengths and weaknesses depending on the type of research you're into. So, grab your lab coat, and let's dive into this experiment!

Section 1: What’s the difference between the two?

Despite ChatGPT and Bing Chat having their roots in the same GPT-4 foundation, they're not perfect clones. They're more like siblings with distinct appearances and personalities. So, we've mapped it all out in a handy chart for you:

It’s like Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes going at it, eh?

In the coming sections, we'll pit these two against each other, seeing how they measure up in unique professional research situations. 

Section 2: Which is better for what?!

Here’s the rapid-fire rundown you need to choose the right AI researcher. 

ChatGPT is better when:

  • Information Rules: You need the most context on a topic.
  • You want back-and-forth: You can continuously reprompt ChatGPT with new context, making your research more like a conversation.
  • Collaboration is Crucial: ChatGPT plugins make it easy to summarize and share your learnings with your team if you plan to extend your research.

Bing Chat wins the race when:

  • Budget is a Top Priority: It’s free! ‘Nuff said. 
  • Live Info is Needed: When you need up-to-the-minute information and citation-ready sources.
  • You’re a beginner: Bing offers user-friendly templates for writing.

Section 3: Which is better for marketing?

The marketing world is a bustling hub of emerging trends, social media metrics, consumer patterns, and more. Let's put our two contenders to the test with the same challenge: "How has TikTok's algorithm influenced viral marketing strategies in the last two years?" Initially, here's what ChatGPT had to offer:

So not helpful, dude! We’ll need to enable the web browsing plugin. Here’s what we get when we prompt each:

It’s pretty close. ChatGPT gives more context about TikTok’s algorithm, while Bing is concise and adds tips for marketers to win over TikTok’s algo. 

The Winner For Marketing Is … Bing!

It's a close one. Given Bing's real-time updates on marketing and social media happenings, it's the prime tool for researchers needing the pulse on the latest fads. However, ChatGPT leaves its little bro eating dust when it boils down to crafting actual marketing content.

Section 4: Which is better for consulting?

Consultants are like Swiss army knives, nimbly cutting through various industries, management strategies, and top-tier practices. Comprehensive, data-driven responses are the lifeblood of this business.

Our consultant buddies have been reaching out in droves asking if ChatGPT is their perfect research companion. Here's the condensed answer: it's your best first stop. You can rapidly educate yourself on any topic and throw in some follow-up questions. Take this prompt on manufacturing, for instance: “What are innovative practices to enhance operational efficiency in the manufacturing sector?”

When we asked Bing the same question, it listed similar strategies but went for quick bullet points rather than overviews. 


The Winner For Consulting Is … ChatGPT!

However, the real winner lies in leveraging both. ChatGPT excels in providing an overview of business environments and trends, and Bing AI bolsters it by collecting evidence from all corners of the web.

Section 5: Which is better for finance?

Attention, finance whizzes - this one's for you. We understand your need for timely, accurate, and data-intensive information. Live market updates, economic indicators, and information ready for citation are your bread and butter. 

We asked, "What is the impact of recent tax reforms on the S&P 500?" TBH, neither answer was stellar. Bing pulled out a BCG study from 2018, while ChatGPT dished out a generic response: “You may want to consult a financial advisor or conduct further research.”

This reaffirms the industry buzz about AI - it's a gem for general tasks, but when it's crunch time for specific data sets (and basic calculations), you should stick with trusty Excel. 

There are, however, more specialized AI tools available, like SwotBot, a software that delivers SWOT analyses for a range of publicly traded companies. And so…

The Winner For Finance Is … neither!

Section 6: The final word

In the clash of AI research tools, ChatGPT noses ahead of Bing! Each has distinct strengths - ChatGPT outshines in-depth info and conversational research, while Bing Chat is your best bet for live, citation-backed data, particularly when you're watching the budget. Now, we hand the baton to you! What other showdowns would you like us to scrutinize? 

Drop your suggestions here!

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