Our Honest Review of Bing Chat

Last updated:
May 14, 2023
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Fast Facts

Bing Chat
Key features:
  • Chatbot powered by GPT-4 and connected to the Internet
  • Integrated into sidebar of Microsoft Edge
  • Three modes: creative, balanced, precise
  • Generate images within Bing Chat
Our take:
Basically a free ChatGPT-4?
  • Free to use, same technology as ChatGPT
  • Browser integration helpful for summarizing what you're looking at
  • Can look up latest information from the Internet
  • Have to use Microsoft Edge to access


Our Review

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Call us confused.

Microsoft and OpenAI have a deep relationship. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars into OpenAI. OpenAI is giving Microsoft deep access to their AI technology like GPT-4.

So why is it that Bing Chat and ChatGPT basically feel like they're going to be the exact same? Maybe not a question worth too much time thinking about, but that's how we see these two products today.

Differences between Bing Chat and ChatGPT

At time of writing, here are the key notes between the two:

  • Bing Chat can look up things from the Internet (ChatGPT's version of this is in beta)
  • Bing Chat uses GPT-4 and is free (ChatGPT's free plan uses GPT-3.5 and you need to pay $20/month to get GPT-4)
  • Bing Chat is integrated into Microsoft Edge - you can ask questions about whatever you're seeing on the page
  • Bing Chat and ChatGPT will both have plugins

So when we net it out, it kinda feels like Bing Chat is just a way to get ChatGPT-4 for free. For now, at least.

In the future, we may see closer integrations between Bing Chat and Microsoft 365. If you have an Office subscription (Word, Powerpoint, etc.), this could make Bing Chat more useful for you.

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