Our Honest Review of Wondercraft

Last updated:
May 25, 2023
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Fast Facts

Key features:
  • Writes podcast script using starter text you provide
  • Compiles intro, main script and outro with music
  • Customize voices and music selection
Our take:
Turn good writing into a good podcast.
  • Decent podcast script quality with little modifications
  • Allows for customization: custom voices/songs, adding more sections, etc.
  • Upload to podcast services directly from Wondercraft
  • Bland copywriting on the original text produces bland podcast scripts
  • Voices more suited for even-keeled reads - not much room for dramatic or comedic variation

Limited free plan for experimentation; $49-199/month

Our Review

We ran a survey of The Neuron readers and asked them what more they'd want to see from us in the coming year. Podcasts made the top 5 requests. So we looked into it.

The trouble with podcasts is that quality matters a lot. You can't just sit around in some plain old room, hit record and start talking. You need quality audio (which means the right equipment and room setup), good energy from the speakers and the right editing.

That's a lot to do, especially if we wanted to do a shorter daily podcast that mirrors our newsletter. Then, we found Wondercraft.

Generating an episode in 2 minutes

Yup. Within just a couple minutes of signing up, we were able to produce a podcast episode around one of our newsletter stories. The workflow really was as simple as that:

  1. Paste in the story as-is, no changes
  2. Edit the script for any obvious flaws
  3. Press go

The podcast episode was pretty darn good for how long it took! Here's a real podcast episode produced by the Wondercraft team. Apparently, it became a top tech podcast in just 30 days!

Best for news/educational podcasts

Wondercraft is not made for every podcast. Where we think Wondercraft doesn't do well today:

  • Comedy/drama shows
  • Unscripted talk shows
  • Interviews

The reasons why are pretty self-evident. You can't script something where the magic comes from unscripted moments. And AI-generated voices currently don't have the emotional fluctuation to really drive home things like comedic timing, etc.

But other podcasts - specifically news and educational podcasts - are totally possible using Wondercraft, in our minds. The voice has just enough tone and inflection to make it not sound completely boring, with clear articulation and the right pacing for the audio format.

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