Our Honest Review of Vidyo

Last updated:
May 25, 2023
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Fast Facts

Key features:
  • Upload a video or link to an online video
  • Overlay your social handles
  • 20+ video templates to choose from
Our take:
Long-form video to short-form video in one go.
  • Easy to get a video processed: just upload or link to a live video
  • Good customization options and template selection
  • Easy to edit any videos that need changes
  • Still needs human curation; not all choices are on the mark
  • Some clips are repeated

Free plan; $30-50/month based on volume of minutes

Our Review

Video creators don't have it easy. One year it might be TikTok that's all the rage, so you go rush to make short-form video there. Then, YouTube or Facebook changes its algorithm, so you go rush to make long-form video. It's a war of the platforms, and you're caught in the middle, no matter what type of creator you are: solo or managing social media for a business.

One of the biggest opportunities for easy content in recent years has been the video podcast. You get audio clips and a long-form video out of the gate. Then, you can chop up the long-form video into many short-form clips for TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. Turns out that approach also works for many other segments of long-form video.

It's an easy place to slot in a tool that can help you find those best moments and cut out a short-form clip. We think Vidyo is the best one that does that.

Easy to use, and very customizable

It didn't take long for us to test Vidyo because it was so darn easy to get started.

You have two options: upload a video file or simply drop a link to an existing video online. We chose the latter, and gave Vidyo a link to a recent video from Ali Abdaal.

Then, you choose the video format you want to output in, along with one of 20+ templates and an option to overlay your social handles.

Then, Vidyo told us to go away for a few minutes, so that's what we did. Simple!

Clip quality: Great, but still not a human editor

Cutting up a long-form video is about two things: choosing the right moments and then editing the short-form video in a "native to short-form" way. In both respects, Vidyo is solid for many videos, but you can easily find many examples where Vidyo won't do a good job.

Our test produced 12 clips from the Ali Abdaal video. Not all 12 were "clip-worthy", and some of them ran over each other. In our opinion, that's fine - it's not hard to delete them.

We also think the templates are useful. There's good variation in the subtitles, and Vidyo generates a title for the clip for the templates that show one.

Beyond that, it sort of assumes your clip is already edited. It doesn't do any additional cutting to fit the short-form video format. Again, that's probably fine for most people, but worth flagging.

Overall, if you don't have a video editor who can do this work (it can be a bit pricey!) then Vidyo is a great start.

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