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Last updated:
May 14, 2023
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Fast Facts

Key features:
  • Generate a slide deck from a prompt
  • Embed "live" widgets from other apps
  • Embed video recording notes
Our take:
The AI slides product for founders, creatives.
  • Attractive visuals
  • Fast to get the first draft
  • Live widgets solve a big "keep this updated" problem
  • Overly visual / stylish for many business users
  • Needs more ways to structure information

Free plan; $8/user/month

Our Review

Tome has been the more commonly cited "AI for slide decks" product. While we think Gamma is more focused on the average person and the average business use case, Tome's current look still feels appropriate for a particular slice: founders and creatives in particular.

Tome's interesting features

Tome's core product allows you to generate slide decks from a single prompt like "pitch deck for CatApp, a mobile app that allows you to find and search for petsitters who specialize in cats"

From there, Tome generates a slide deck, complete with formatting and sample text/images.

Beyond that, Tome also allows you to:

  • Embed live information from another app - Figma, a website, Miro
  • Layer on a video recording

Less time spent copying and pasting information from a website only to have it go stale the minute you do so. And the video recording is a nice touch that used to require separate apps.

Gamma vs. Tome

The two products are pretty similar. The primary difference is that Tome is more geared towards slide decks that are visual aids in nature.

A slide from a deck created with the prompt "How AI Will Impact the Creator Economy"

Put it this way:

  • The founding team at Gamma takes a more "business" approach to slide decks given they have some background in consulting, finance and operations. This is clearly represented in the output. Slide decks to them are about boiling down lots of information to understandable formats.
  • Meanwhile, the founding team at Tome represents more "design" approach - Tome is as much about rethinking slide decks entirely than infusing our current idea of a Powerpoint with AI.

It's worth trying both. We think most people would do better with Gamma - perhaps mostly a reflection of the world being too boring to figure out all these new-fangled approaches to things. But if you're in a space that likes to try new things, try Tome.

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