Our Honest Review of Gamma

Last updated:
August 31, 2023
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Fast Facts

Key features:
  • Create drafts for docs, decks, and webpages from text prompts
  • Restyle your pitch deck in just one click
  • Embed anything onto your presentation, from GIFs, charts, videos, and websites onto your presentations
Our take:
The AI slides product for most work.
  • Measure engagement for live presentations with built-in analytics
  • Easy-to-use interface for users with little design experience
  • Quick customization to presentations with simple text instruction
  • Not as many features as PowerPoint and Google Slides
  • Doesn’t integrate well into workflows

400 credits free, $10/user per month for Pro

Our Review

Ever since ChatGPT came out, the world has been watching management consultants squirm. And with tools like Gamma, they've got to be sweating just that much more in the age of AI.

Gamma uses AI to generate slide decks, docs and webpages. But it's the first that you should care about. Making a good slide deck strikes that perfect balance between visual and text that makes everyone feel like they're bad at it. So it's high time we have AI take over.

How it works

If you're starting from scratch, you can ask Gamma to start from a single prompt. Gamma will then generate an outline (much like ChatGPT would), then turn it into slides.

A slide from a deck created via the prompt "How AI will Impact the Creator Economy"

If you already have some notes, you can also dump those in and Gamma will do the same.

Voila, you've got a slide deck, complete with formatting and pictures.

Is it good? It's complicated

We've showed Gamma around to a wide variety of folks, and we get mixed reactions. This largely depends on what type of work you do.

For anyone whose job relies on slides, you probably treat slides as a leave-behind document. These are complex documents: charts, specific visual layouts and coloring all make a difference. For this crowd, Gamma didn't come close.

If you're making these slides, you won't get them from Gamma

But lots of people don't fit this mold. If you're doing a quick update presentation to your team, Gamma is great. If slide decks are more talking points than full-on documents, this works perfectly. It all depends on what a slide deck is for you.

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