Our Honest Review of Play.ht

Last updated:
May 14, 2023
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Fast Facts

Key features:
  • Read text out loud using an AI voice
  • Clone voices using 2-3 hours of speech
  • Create custom pronunciations of key terms or acronyms
Our take:
Off-the-shelf voice options in many languages.
  • Hundreds of off-the-shelf voices, ready to use
  • Covers 130+ languages
  • Voice cloning requires lots of audio
  • Voice quality is not best-in-market; feels robotic

Free plan; $30-50/month

Our Review

Play.ht is another option for synthetic voices. While we like ElevenLabs better, it's also worth looking at Play.ht as another option. Here's why:

Presets and international

ElevenLabs is fun if you're a tinkerer and willing to play around with generating a voice, finding one that you like and seeing it read a script that you write. It's very much an "experience AI" moment.

But if you just want to make a decent voice say something, Play.ht has 800+ prebuilt voices that you can explore and use off-the-shelf.

The quality is good, but not the best. We think the voices don't have enough emotional / tone inflection to sound truly real - or maybe our AI radar has just gotten too good recently.

Beyond this, Play.ht also offers 130+ languages, while ElevenLabs currently has 8 languages. We haven't verified the quality very extensively, but this is helpful if you need lots of voices in aparticular non-English language.

It's still early

We'd be lying if we said there's a clear winner for AI voices. Play.ht is building all the useful tools you might want related to voice cloning (although it requires 2-3 hours of audio), like speech synthesis, voice cloning, etc.

We'll stay tuned to how Play.ht develops from here.

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