Our Honest Review of Adobe Podcast

Last updated:
May 14, 2023
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Fast Facts

Adobe Podcast
Key features:
  • Upload audio and remove background noise, upgrade quality
Our take:
A very good audio cleanup tool. Free!
  • High quality output
  • Fast, easy and free
  • None we can think of - useful utility!


Our Review

As much as Adobe is notorious for doing anything it takes for you to subscribe and making you do everything before they'll let you unsubscribe, they do make some good products. And as AI in human voice editing/cloning has reached the tipping point, Adobe's positioned to offer good options.

It's useful and free

Today, Adobe Podcast is primarily an audio cleanup tool that we're surprised is free. The "Enhance speech" tool is different from other "audio cleanup" options. It's not filtering out background noise, which is extremely difficult to produce useful results.

Rather, Adobe's tool is altogether reimagining what the audio sounds like. It's "here's some bad audio - can you imagine what it would sound like if it was good?". That's outright cool, and it works very well.

Limited time offer?

Adobe Podcast's homepage mentions an "AI-powered audio recording and editing" tool, all hosted on the web. It might end up competing with Descript, and existing Adobe users be very happy to have a Descript-like tool in the ecosystem once its launched.

The only question is how much Adobe will charge for it. They obviously will, because they can, but we don't know how much.

For now, Adobe Podcast is your one-off audio improvement tool. Use Descript for broader editing. We'll update you if/when this recommendation changes.

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