Our Honest Review of Numerous.ai

Last updated:
May 14, 2023
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Fast Facts

Key features:
  • Generate and explain spreadsheet formulas
  • Manipulate data: reformat, extract data, classify, rewrite
  • Use AI to make educated guesses
Our take:
The Excel/Sheets plug-in that's easiest to use.
  • Easy-to-use suggestions and templates, rather than writing prompts
  • No dealing with API keys - just pay them a flat fee per month
  • No sign-up needed for free version
  • Come back to us :)

Free plan; $10-120/month

Our Review

Spreadsheets are the most powerful software ever made, and with AI, they're getting a whole lot cooler.

There was a mad dash for everyone to launch a GPT plug-in for Sheets/Excel, and while GPT for Work seems to have captured a lot of the attention, we think there's a better alternative in Numerous.

Easier and faster to use

Our objective with our reviews is to find the product that is actually best and easiest to use - not necessarily the most popular. Numerous does this in a few ways that GPT for Work leaves you to handle on your own.

Here's what GPT for Work makes you go through:

  • Figure out how to set up your own API key and billing limits
  • A laundry list of functions, and it's often unclear what's used for what
  • Standard rate limits

We like Numerous because they noticed all of these problems:

  • They do all the crazy technical stuff for you - just sign up and go
  • They give you templates and better starting points
  • They even have a secret server with specially negotiated higher rate limits
No prompts required!

Endless use cases

AI in spreadsheets is not just about cleaning data using GPT, using an AI to write formulas or reformatting things. Of course, you can and probably will do those just fine.

But the real power is in how many ad hoc tools you can build using a spreadsheet. We'll do a lot more content on this (they'll be published below when we write them) but we're seeing a lot of powerful use cases that you can build using Numerous in combination with other tools.

More to come.

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