Our Honest Review of Midjourney

Last updated:
May 14, 2023
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Fast Facts

Key features:
  • Generates detailed art based on prompts for objects, style, mood, and background
  • Excels in dynamic range, composition, textures, and visual fidelity
Our take:
Out-of-this-world AI images. Start here.
  • High-quality images quickly based on limited inputs 
  • Top option for highly realistic artwork
  • Four variations of each image
  • Only accessible via Discord
  • The source code is not publicly available
  • Free trial is limited

Free trial; $10-60/month

Our Review

The world has never been the same since Balenciaga Pope. And in the last few months, it's become clear that Midjourney is the way to go if you want to generate images with AI.

No matter what you're creating - backgrounds, portraits, interior design concepts - you can do it with Midjourney.

Midjourney's learning curve

While Midjourney makes high-quality images accessible to anyone, there's very clearly a learning curve to getting exactly the output that you're looking for.

To learn, I recommend crawling through some of Nick St. Pierre's content on Twitter. He's a VR/AR artist turned AI artist and creative director, all in 2022-2023, using Midjourney.

Credit: Nick St. Pierre

One of the main challenges with AI image generation is that most of us simply don't know to describe certain dimensions of an image.

For example, I might know I want an image of a croissant, but without practice, you wouldn't know that you'd also need to describe the lighting, other objects in the scene, composition of the photo, etc.

Nick's content is great for that.

A bit of a pain to access

For now, Midjourney requires you to have a Discord account. If you didn't grow up in Discord like many parts of Gen Z, it's chaotic, loud and feels foreign. Trust us - you're not alone in thinking that.

And worse, if you aren't paying for Midjourney, using Midjourney requires you to monitor Discord feeds that are crammed full with other people generating images. You see what they're trying to generate, they see what you're generating.

Anyways - all this will improve once Midjourney builds a dedicated web application, which they will do at some point.

Midjourney pricing

Paid plans start at $8/month. You'll need one if you'll be generating images with any consistency, since the free trial ends after 25 images.

For unlimited generations, you'll need the $24/month plan.

A nice benefit to paying for Midjourney: you get access to their community gallery, if you're in need of inspiration. But you can also get that all over Twitter.

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