Our Honest Review of Metaview

Last updated:
May 25, 2023
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Fast Facts

Key features:
  • Transcripts, summaries and recordings of your interviews
  • Interviewer feedback for talk time, question quality
  • Key integrations with ATS systems
  • SOC 2 Type II, GDPR compliance
Our take:
Purpose-built for recruiting interviews.
  • Tailormade for recruiting
  • Useful features for high-volume recruiting orgs
  • Works for phone interviews
  • Potentially duplicative if you already have meeting recording software
  • Not as useful for small businesses

Limited free plan; $20-50/user/month

Our Review

Interviews require skill, both for candidates and interviewers. The first is obvious, but the second is often overlooked.

To even become an interviewer, you need to "shadow" a few interviews to see how they run - every company and department does it differently. Then, there's running an interview itself: managing time, asking the right questions, multi-tasking (taking notes while listening actively). And finally, there's the after: debriefs, feedback, etc.

We've been in this position many times, and frankly, it's tough to have a complete record of what has gone on in interviews when you have multiple interviews in a single day.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, we think Metaview - a meeting recorder specifically tailored for recruiting interviews - is worth looking at.

End-to-end assistance

First, what Metaview does. At the core, Metaview joins your interviews, transcribes the interview, then sends you a summary with the questions you asked and bullet points of how the candidate answered.

But the rest of it is where recruiters and interviewers should pay attention.

  • Integrations: Metaview integrates with your ATS / recruiting software so you don't have to spend time copying and pasting notes.
  • Interviewer feedback: Sometimes, the interviewer asks unclear questions or talks too much. Metaview flags those so you get better at interviewing.
  • Interview libraries: Rather than waste time coordinating new interviewers with existing interviews, simply have them watch previous interviews that are representative of the process.

Because it's purpose-built, Metaview has these nice touches that really help complete the lifecycle of being an interviewer.

Metaview vs. general meeting recording

Do you actually need another meeting recorder that only helps with candidate interviews? That depends on who you are.

If you already have something like Vowel or Fireflies, the reality is that you might not need Metaview at all. We think the key factor here is how much time you spend interviewing.

If you're a recruiter by profession or you're at a fast-growing company, you probably do spend enough time interviewing that Metaview's features will be enough to justify the cost of adding another tool to the toolkit. We recommend you take a look at what they've got for you.

But if you don't - maybe you only have a couple roles open or otherwise don't have a consistent interview pipeline - then general meeting recorders will do the same core of the work that Metaview does. That's probably good enough.

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