Our Honest Review of Anthropic Claude

Last updated:
May 14, 2023
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Fast Facts

Anthropic Claude
Key features:
  • Chatbot powered by Anthropic's language models, which are currently in second place
  • Chat with Claude through Slack
  • Supports 75K pages of text
Our take:
The second-place chatbot to watch.
  • More nuanced, thoughtful answers
  • Promising development trajectory
  • Quality is just slightly worse than ChatGPT / GPT-4 in many cases
  • No broadly available web app: can use via Slack app, beta access to web app or Poe.com (paid subscription required)

In beta

Our Review

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Ok, ok. You might be asking yourself: we have ChatGPT, do we really need another chatbot?

The short answer: We're putting Anthropic Claude on our Top Tools list because it's a big one to pay attention to, even though you can only access it by installing a Slack app day. Here's why.

Anthropic is a real competitor

Among startups making language models, OpenAI is in the first place and Anthropic is in second. Claude has only been available through some roundabout means, but early access users (including us) have found Claude friendlier to use, with more nuanced output.

Example chat ideas from the Claude Console

While Anthropic doesn't yet have plugins (like ChatGPT) or access to the Internet (like ChatGPT or Bing Chat), it is innovating in its own ways.

75,000 words of context

ChatGPT is currently limited to ~6K words of context, meaning your full conversation (including your prompt, its responses, etc.) is limited to 8K words before it has to cut things off. While still in beta, there's also a version with ~24k words of context.

Recently, Anthropic released an update that supports ~75K words of context, 10x+ current ChatGPT limits and 3x future ChatGPT liimts.

That's huge - you can upload an entire 75-page PDF to Claude. This would completely remove the need to use "Chat with PDF" tools, who can only give results dealing with small sections of those PDFs at a time.

How to access Claude

You can access Claude through Poe (subscription required)

You have three options for accessing Claude:

  1. Beta access to the Claude Console
  2. Install an app to Slack
  3. Pay for a subscription to Poe

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